DeMille's Bye Bye Birdie

Black/White Miniature American Shepherd (aka Mini Aussie) - 16" tall & 20 lbs

Birdie is a solid black and white (no tan points) Miniature American Shepherd (aka Mini Aussie). I found her coloration hard to find (most are tan points and tri colors), and I am super excited about the beautiful blue merles she'll be able to produce when bred to Bandit! Birdie is super intelligent and obedient, and so easy to have around.  She loves everyone and is very friendly. She is extremely cuddly and, like Florence, prefers cuddling to just about anything else! She is in Heaven when anyone takes the time to give her a good belly scratch! She's behaves in a very mature, proper way, very regal in her own right. We just love this little girl!