Italian Greagles

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For folks who love our Great Weimars, but can't have such a big dog, we have introduced our adorable Italian Greagles! They have a similar look and temperament of our Great Weimars, but in a 20 lbs or less package. They are a cross between the Italian Greyhound and the Beagle.
We were first introduced to the Italian Greyhound by one of our Great Weimar buyers who brought their greyhound with them when they came to pick up their pup from us. They raved about the Italian Greyhound breed, inspiring me to want one someday. Years later, we got our first Italian Greyhound, Fancy. We had no idea we would like purebred Italian Greyhounds so much! Their personalities are so endearing and very human-like. They are a quiet breed (very little barking, but fun entertaining "talking"), and extremely cuddly. They are clean and cat-like, too. My daughter fell so in love with our female, Fancy, that she became "her" dog. However, they are extremely cold sensitive and very hard to potty train. To reduce these traits and improve appearance, we crossed our Greyhounds on the adorable, classic Beagle.
Thus enter our Italian Greagles! We were very pleased to find that we love our Greagles even more! Less finicky than a Greyhound; quieter, more athletic & cuddlier than a Beagle! They are more full in the body (less greyhound-y) with floppier ears, and are more robust (and easier to potty train). We were very pleased to find that they maintained the Greyhound personality in that they rarely ever make a noise, and thankfully didn't inherit the beagle bark! They are just as cuddly and are so athletic and fun to watch run around the yard. However, they have an elegant energy, and are calm, cool and collected. They hold still and cuddle quietly with us, which is a trait we value. We aren't fans of wiggly little dogs that get in our space and jump all over us, and yap a lot - but we do love great cuddles! Also, something we didn't expect is how soft their coat is! For some reason, the super short coat of a greyhound crossed on the thicker, coarser coat of a Beagle results in a super short, but very soft coat - I love petting them!
Italian Greagles are a rare cross, and hard to find, so we're excited for them to produce some amazing pups to brighten the lives of some very lucky families!