The Crawfords

We are Dalton and Amileah Crawford.

Ami's maiden name is DeMille, as she is the oldest child of Alma & Heather DeMille, the founders of DeMille Blue Bloods!

Ami was still a minor in their home when the Great Weimar breed & DeMille Blue Bloods was founded and she really took to the breed personally. After flying the nest, Ami got her bachelors in equine science and animal husbandry. She then spent 18 months living in Sweden as a missionary, after which she got her Masters Degree in business. Once she finished her schooling, Ami rejoined the family business and has been very actively involved in DeMille Blue Bloods ever since -

In fact, we are now in the process of taking over the business entirely.

Dalton is a law enforcement officer who was raised on a dude ranch and hunting outfitting operation. He also has a love for animals and a big work ethic. 

We met and married in 2017 and now live on a beautiful 10 acre ranch in Colorado with our two young children and our amazing, beautiful Great Weimars! 

The DeMilles

We are Alma & Heather DeMille. We live on 19 Acres on two ranches in Birdseye & Monticello, Utah.

Both of our ranches border blm and Forrest service land, which equates to a picturesque environment well-suited for raising our gaited horses and Aristocratic Great Weimar dogs! We each have a long history breeding, training and loving animals since our youth - and along with our 10 kids, this is what we do! It's a true family operation and not just a hobby for us, it is our passion, career and family lifestyle! We don't do this to compete in shows and earn accolades, but to raise high quality animals that bring years of joy, entertainment and companionship to their owners. Why? Because we love animals, and enjoy sharing them with others. Our many years of experience and study have given us an eye for excellence, and we have consistently sought education as we become experts in our fields. Heather studied Biology and Genetics in college, and has also taken and passed the intense AKC Dog breeding courses. She is especially educated and interested in the color genetics of both dogs and horses. She has been training dogs since the young age of 10, and has been breeding dogs for over 20 years.

Alma DeMille spent his childhood years assisting his veterinary Grandfather, studied animal nutrition & husbandry in college, and is a nationally recognized farrier, breeder, trainer and clinician, with a particular interest in Gaited horses - known for producing the best of the best for health, athleticism and a smooth ride! He has also previously bred and trained hunting dogs, earning AKC field trial titles.

We are now grandparents, and moving toward our retirement years - so we are THRILLED to be passing this wonderful business on to Ami & Dalton, and know they will do a fantastic job with it! 

As of now, we are partnered with them.

We will continue to be involved for another year or so, as we eventually phase out and they take over.

And of course, as family, we will ALWAYS be available to offer advice and ideas going forward!

When you adopt your next pet from DeMille Blue Bloods, you can rest assured that your pet has been bred and raised by someone with experience; thoughtfully and with purpose - taking temperament, health, conformation, genetics & talent into consideration. 

The Great Weimar

The Great Dane has been bred to be a true family companion and has an excellent mellow temperament, but they are HUGE and as such they can eat a lot, run into health problems, and have short life spans.

The Weimaraner has been bred to hunt, and as such they can tend to be a bit more energetic, and have a stronger prey drive, than is ideal for the average family.

Thus, we cross the gentle Great Dane with the robust Weimaraner and you have The Great Weimar. Longer lived than the Great Dane and calmer than the Weimaraner, he is the ultimate family dog. He retains the extreme loyalty, devotion and train-ability of both breeds in addition to a stunning combination of their regal, aristocratic appearances - a true work of art! The Great Weimar is a sleek, athletic companion who desires to be near his people. He is a fabulous hiking, jogging, skijoring, & running companion who can settle right down and be mellow in the home. He is strong and muscular and is an astute watchdog and guardian. 

We have researched the genetics of both breeds and have carefully chosen our breeding dogs in order to produce stunning examples of the Great Weimar. Our dogs will have great conformation, be well balanced and athletic, have solid, even temperaments, beautiful clear eyes, well laid ears, and gorgeous blue, black, silver & chocolate coats!

We are telling you, these pups are GORGEOUS! 

We are SO EXCITED about Great Weimars that we want to shout it out from the roof tops for all to hear!