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Training Videos

Our dogs Magnum and Indigo were professionally trained by 

Innovative K9 Academy, and we were extremely happy with the results!

We're even more happy now that they have made an amazing 

video series that lays out every single day of short training sessions so folks can train their own dogs at home. We have been using this course ourselves, even for our kids to learn how to train! It is really excellent and we seriously recommend using this course to raise your pup!

We are excited to provide you a discount to their video series -

use the following coupon code at time of purchase:  heather

Here is the link to purchase their series: 

Dog Transformation Video Series

Also, we made a series of videos during the first few weeks of raising Ebony.  We hope they will help you with your first few weeks with your Great Weimar pup!

(Click the lines in the upper right corner to see a list of all the videos)

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