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DeMille's Silver Galaxy

Silver Great Weimar, 25" Tall, 84 lbs
*Galaxy EMBARK DNA tested free of over 180 Genetic Health Conditions*

Galaxy is a true beauty! She is a CKC Registered F1 Great Weimar. She is mother to our handsome stud, Alpha. She is out of Apollo (Blue Great Dane) and Luna (Silver CKC Weimaraner who DNA tested as having a small dab of lab in her) - littermate to our other female, Eclipse. They have been peas in a pod ever since they were tiny little pups. They both are very devoted to their people and want to stay close, though Galaxy is a TAD bit more independent and busy - but the two are mostly identical in personality.  She is our smallest female, but is a big producer. Also, like Eclipse, we couldn't have asked for a better producer, as her pups have brought happiness to homes all over the country (and Canada and England!)

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Sire - Apollo

Dam - Luna

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