DeMille's R.H. Magnum Hunter

Great Weimar, Blue, 30" Tall,130 lbs
*Magnum EMBARK DNA tested free of over 180 Genetic Health Conditions*

Magnum is Heather's baby (born in 2014) and everyone's friend. He is a massive stud with a teddy bear personality (literally, he would cuddle with you all day if he could!). His mom is a Sky (blue Great Dane) and Hawkeye (Blue Weimaraner). I chose to keep him from his litter, as he was such a handsome pup, but I had no idea just how handsome he'd grow up to be. We are totally stunned by his beauty, as are everyone he comes in contact with. Any time we take him into town, we end up handing out business cards left and right! But in addition to his regal appearance, his personality is equally stunning. He's gentle, submissive and obedient. Gets along with other dogs, big and small and is amazingly gentle with children (whom he lets climb all over him). He is a pure joy to have around and is a well behaved member of our family! He has many pups to his names that have blessed the live of families all over the world. Every time I get to hand one of his pups off to their new family, I do so with total confidence that they are going to absolutely love their new dog!


Sire - Hawkeye

Dam - Sky